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ARTICLES (partial list)
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“Special Advisory: New Mechanics Lien Act In California”, July 31, 2012
“Court Broadly Defines Subcontractors Who Qualify For Payment Bond Claims”, June 11, 2012.
“Arbitrators Can Decide Validity of Arbitration Clause in Construction Contract”, December 2, 2011(By Edward Lozowicki and Robert Sturgeon)
“Public Private Partnership Upheld For Construction of Presidio Parkway”, September 2011 (By Edward Lozowicki and Robyn Christo)
“Construction Arbitration Clause Calling for Expanded Judicial Review Must Be Explicit And Unambiguous”, July 28, 2011 (Author: Robert T. Sturgeon; Editor: Edward Lozowicki)
“Mechanics Lien Update: Lien Claimants Must Give Owners Notice Of Mechanics Lien,” December 8, 2010 (By Edward Lozowicki and James Higgins)
“Contractors Can Recover For Public Agency’s Failure To Disclose Material Information,” August 31, 2010 (By Edward Lozowicki and James Higgins)
“Breach of Contract May Lead To False Claims Liability On Public Works Contracts,” July 14, 2010 (By Edward Lozowicki and Robert Sturgeon)
“Modified Total Cost Method Of Proving Damages: Approved For California Public Works,” April 28, 2010 (By Edward Lozowicki and Bram Hanono)
“Trust But E-Verify: A Cheat Sheet For Mandatory Employment Eligibility Verification By Federal Construction Contractors,” January 5, 2010 (By Edward Lozowicki and Daniel Marcinak)
“New Legislation On Wrap-Up Insurance And Indemnity Clauses,” December 28, 2009 (By Edward Lozowicki and James Higgins)
“General Contractors” Liability To Subcontractors Employees On Public Infrastructure Projects,” October 28, 2009
“Public-Private Partnerships: P3s and Competitive Bidding Laws (Part III)”, March 23, 2009
“Public-Private Partnerships: Potential Conflicts With Prevailing Wage Laws(Part II)”, March 10, 2009
“Public-Private Partnerships: A Growing Trend (Part I)”, February 26, 2009
“New California Law Prohibits Retention on CalTrans Transportation Projects”, January 23, 2009
“Court of Appeal Vacates $3Million Arbitration Award Because Arbitrator Failed To Make Timely Disclosures”, November 10, 2005 (Author: Robert T. Sturgeon; Editor: Edward Lozowicki)

Published Appellate Decisions

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